Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NCLR Fights to Keep Latinos in Their Homes

Stop wrongful foreclosures. Protect affordable housing. Keep responsible homeownership opportunities available. These three simple demands are at the heart of our Home for Good campaign, which was launched last April. Every day, more Americans join the ranks of those who have had their homes foreclosed upon and who have lost their jobs. In the Latino community, one in six is either at imminent risk of losing their home or has already lost it. This disturbing national crisis must be addressed immediately. 

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been the focus of Home for Good. We put out a national call to Americans to sign a petition demanding that Sec. Geithner make the foreclosure crisis a top priority. Since making the call, we have gathered signatures through online petitions, postcards, and our mobile action network; NCLR’s supporters and allies worked diligently to spread the word. The work paid off today when the Home for Good campaign team delivered more than 10,000 signatures to Sec. Geithner’s office.

Of course, we’re not finished yet. In many ways, the hard work is just beginning. Now that Sec. Geithner has heard you loud and clear, we must continue to spread the message telling the administration and Congress to stop wrongful foreclosures and restore homeownership opportunities. Soon, NCLR will bring Home for Good to your neighborhood. We will be holding a series of town halls in communities across America to hear more about the struggles that everyday Americans are facing in this terrible economy, and we’ll focus on solutions for putting an end to the foreclosure crisis. Stay tuned, and visit back here often for news about these upcoming town halls.
Finally, be sure to check out Home for Good online, and visit us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Home for Good news. And, if you haven’t done so, text HOME or HOGAR to 62571 to join our Home for Good mobile action network.